Seth Rogen on board with voicing Calgary's transit announcements

Aug 1 2018, 10:37 pm

Seth Rogen’s signature laugh could quite possibly be making it’s way to the Calgary Transit system.

Following the announcement that he would voice Vancouver’s SkyTrain after a similar deal with Morgan Freeman was dropped, Toronto got in on the fun and convinced the actor to do the TTC subway announcements as well.

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Following that announcement on Rogen’s own Twitter account, CTV’s Brenna Rose was quick to speak up on behalf of those of us here in Alberta, asking what it would take to get Rogen’s signature voice on Calgary Transit as well.

His answer was short and to the point: “A microphone?”

Calgarians hopped on the thread, linking in @calgarytransit and @nenshi in the hopes of getting a real deal going.

While some may be skeptical that a short Twitter encounter would be enough to launch a celebrity “appearance” on public transit, we should remind you that that is exactly what kicked this whole thing off in Vancouver.

So how about it, Calgary Transit?

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