Pho Phuong Vietnamese Cuisine in Calgary closed by Alberta Health Services

May 26 2022, 9:29 pm

Pho Phuong Vietnamese Cuisine was recently closed after an executive officer of Alberta Health Services inspected the establishment.

The inspector found more than 10 violations at Pho Phuong Vietnamese Cuisine restaurant located at 11625 Elbow Drive SW #102 in Calgary that could be harmful or dangerous to public health.

“An abundance of mouse droppings, urine and nesting materials were observed in various areas of the food establishment,” reads the written order from the AHS.

“Food product was contaminated by mice.”

There were holes in a package of fried onions, a package of spices and a carton of salt, continued the order.

This closure order from the AHS, including the verbal order, was issued on May 10.

There were many other unhealthy conditions found by the inspector, like “an effective pest control program was not in place” and “there were no pest control records available.”

“The detergent and sanitizer bottles connected to the dishwasher were empty,” read the AHS order.

The report also said that cooked spring rolls were stored on the counter at room temperature.

“An accumulation of grease and food debris was noted in out-of-the-way areas.”

Before the restaurant could reopen, the owners had to undertake and diligently pursue the completion of several work-related changes, like retaining the services of a professional pest control company to inspect, treat, and eradicate the food premises of mice.

Several cleaning changes were also to be made before reopening, like the discarding of “all food product contaminated by mice.”

The order’s current status on the AHS website is inactive, meaning “the order is no longer in effect as the necessary repairs have been completed.”

Dished has reached out to the management and ownership team for comment.

Pho Phuong Vietnamese Cuisine

Address: 2-11625 Elbow Drive SW, Calgary

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