Oilers 50/50 jackpot reaches $5 million in five hours

Aug 5 2020, 1:49 pm

Even with no fans in the arena, the Edmonton Oilers 50/50 jackpot has hit another massive milestone, reaching $5 million in just five hours.

Ticket sales open up at 9 am MT on game days, and stay open until 10:30 pm, meaning there’s no knowing how high the jackpot has yet to reach before the day is done.

During Game 2 of the series, the 50/50 jackpot broke a previous record, by hitting $3 million dollars on game day.

This time, however, the number seems to keep increasing, and by 2:30 MT, it has reached $5,417,130.

The draw, which is in support of the Oilers Foundation, beats the Calgary Flames 50/50 jackpot by a long shot.

In the same amount of time, the Flames jackpot is at $297,570, which is 25 times less than the Oilers jackpot.

Tickets for the Oilers 50/50 can be purchased online starting at 9 am MT on game day until 10:30 pm by individuals 18 years or older located within Alberta’s provincial borders.

Tickets for the Flames 50/50 are also available online, from 10:30 am MT to 10:30 pm for residents of Alberta aged 18 or older.

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