Shots of stunning Newfoundland iceberg shared around the world (PHOTOS)

Apr 19 2017, 12:55 pm

An iceberg floating in the waters just outside of Ferryland, Newfoundland has caught the world’s attention.

And it’s not hard to see why.

Photos of the stunning, 150-foot tall frozen palace floating serenely in the bay in front of the picturesque Newfoundland town have been shared by the BBC, The Telegraph, Lapresse, The Guardian, and many more.

Meanwhile, hundreds of people have made the trip an hour south from St. John’s to capture the iceberg in all its melting glory. Some, of course, managing to have a little fun with their positioning on the shore:

Regardless of how it’s positioned however, the iceberg remains an impressive sight. And it should be, just look at this picture of a helicopter landing on it for some size perspective:

Iceberg newfoundland

Ferryland Cottage Facebook/ Photo by Rhonda O’Keefe Arsenault

Clearly, this is one iceberg that deserves to be seen in person (east coast road trip, anyone?). If you need more convincing just check out some of the amazing photos below.


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