You'll soon be charged extra for sharing your Netflix password

Oct 21 2022, 3:18 pm

If you currently share your Netflix password with a friend or a significant other, you might need to have a difficult conversation with them.

The streaming giant is cracking down like never before on password sharing and plans on introducing extra charges to curb the issue. They already tested that feature in March.

The cost for the “add an extra member” feature ranged between CND$2.68 and $3.78 in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru.

Early next year, it could be our turn.

In a recent news release, Netflix said it’ll focus on people who use your password but do not live in your household — or, as they call them, “borrowers.”

Borrowers will be able to transfer their profiles to their own account, and sharers will get to manage their devices and create “extra member” sub-accounts more conveniently — for an extra fee, of course. 

Some users are raising concerns about streaming Netflix while they’re away from their homes.

“Wait, so streaming at any additional IP for more than two weeks, would prompt more money?” Kelley Marie asked on Twitter. “What about long hospital stays? Deployments? Phones? Kids at college? Streaming at work? Vacations? Babysitters? Hassling customers isn’t a good look.”

The news has a lot of people upset, especially since Netflix totally believed in password sharing, and even appeared to encourage it just five years ago.

Love is sharing a password? Guess you don’t want us to love our friends, Netflix. Just say that.

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