"Wild, wondrous" BC to be the focus of a new Netflix doc featuring Will Arnett (VIDEO)

Oct 6 2022, 5:46 pm

Netflix is dropping a new show next week and it promises to shine a spotlight on the wild inhabitants of BC’s Vancouver Island.

Island of the Sea Wolves will be narrated by Canada’s own Will Arnett, who is probably most famous for his role as Gob Bluth in Arrested Development but has some pretty impressive voiceover credits as well.

The show’s premise will “explore wild, wondrous Vancouver Island, where the ocean nurtures all life, from bald eagles who go fishing to sea wolves who swim in frigid waters.”

The trailer hints at some incredible visuals depicting some of the West Coast’s most famous attractions from its ocean to its rainforests.

This docuseries was directed by Jeff Turner and Chelsea Turner and executive produced by James Honeybourne, who all have quite the resumes for the art of making a nature series.

While wolves are in the title, the show also hints that it will feature other creatures who call the pacific northwest island — and the ocean which surrounds it — their home.

“Where young bears learn the ways of the forest and how to hunt its pristine rivers. Bald eagles rule the skies while endangered marmots hide out in their mountain fortresses. Sea otters fight to survive the ocean extremes.”

Adding, “the shorelines between are patrolled by sea wolves whose spirit is legend.Ā  This is life on the edge, it’s life on Vancouver Island.”

BC is no stranger to its Hollywood close-up with dozens of productions using the province as a backdrop — but it’s nice to get more recognition nonetheless.

Island of the Sea Wolves premieres on Netflix on October 11.

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