Wait times for Alberta's COVID-19 vaccine record are long and people are losing it

Sep 17 2021, 6:45 pm

Albertans are taking to social media to vent their frustration with the speed of the MyHealth Records website as the clock ticks down until proof of COVID-19 vaccination (or a negative test) is required to access many places in the province.

Some users posted have screenshots of more than 100,000 people waiting in the queue, before the province’s vaccine passport program launches on Monday.

The program, titled the Restrictions Exemption Program, was announced by Premier Jason Kenney on Wednesday evening and is essentially a vaccine passport system for non-essential businesses and events to opt out of capacity restrictions in places like restaurants and gyms.

Since the announcement, the province’s health records website has faced a tsunami of Albertans looking to access their records, and many have migrated to social media to vent their feelings about the sometimes hours-long wait times.

One Twitter user posted a screenshot of more than 100,000 people waiting ahead of them.

Some users even made it to the end of the waitlist, only to be greeted by an error page after hours of waiting. Bummer!

Laine MitchellLaine Mitchell

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