McDonald's Halloween Boo Buckets are selling for ridiculous amounts online

Oct 31 2022, 5:55 pm

It was announced at the beginning of October that the nostalgic McDonald’s Halloween “Boo Buckets” would be returning. These are fun vessels for trick-or-treating kids, but it appears they’re also very sought after by adults.

There’s a large number of these Boo Buckets selling on sites like eBay and social media selling pages. Many of them are marked up to $20 per bucket, while some sellers are asking for as high as $50.

There is even one seller from Coquitlam asking for $100 for three of the buckets on Facebook Marketplace.

It’s not as much as the Adult Happy Meals were recently selling for, but it’s still pretty wild to see these on sale for so high.

It’s a high markup considering the low cost of a Happy meal at McDonald’s.

McDonald’s replaced the normal Happy Meal red box with these Boo Buckets from October 28 to 30 at participating restaurants in Canada. There were three available: white ghost (McBoo), green witch (McGoblin), and orange jack-o-lantern (McPunk).

Stay tuned to see if these Boo Buckets start to sell for even higher prices once Halloween is over. It might be terrifyingly high.


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