Curd quiz: Can you pass this eight-question poutine test?

Oct 28 2022, 4:26 pm

We know you love poutine, who doesn’t?

But, how much do you actually know about Quebec’s signature dish?¬† We’re poutine putting your knowledge about this heavenly recipe to the test.

Think you know your stuff? You’ll need to answer at least five of the following questions correctly to pass. An answer key will follow. No peaking!

1. What does the dish’s name roughly translate to?

A) Mess
B) Mountain
C) Dirt
D) Oil

2. What is the Newfoundland equivalent of poutine called?

A) Disco Fries
B) Party Fries
C) St. John’s Fries
D) Newfie Fries

3. How many Quebec restaurateurs claimed to have invented it?

A) Two
B) Three
C) Four
D) Five

4. Which of these fast food chains has not yet put it on their menu?

A) McDonald’s
B) Tim Hortons
C) Harvey’s
D) Subway

5. If you exclude the cheese from a poutine, it is called a _______

6. What decade was poutine invented in?

A) 1940s
B) 1950s
C) 1960s
D) 1970s

7. In Quebec, greasy spoon diners are called _______

8. Where was the first poutine festival held?

A) Sherbrooke
B) Eastman
C) Victoriaville
D) Warwick



1. A) Mess
2. D) Newfie Fries
3. B) Three
4. D) Subway
5. Frites-sauce
6. B) 1950s
7. Casse-cro√Ľtes
8. D) Warwick

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