World's oldest Mariachi Band is playing in Calgary next month

Jun 17 2022, 10:28 pm

Calling all Mariachi fans! The biggest name in the genre is coming to Calgary for a show and it’s impossible not to have a smile on your face while you listen to their music.

Heralded as the greatest Mariachi in the world, Mariachi Vargas de TecalitlĆ”nĀ is set to come to Vancouver in July as part of their 125th-anniversary tour.

Founded in the Mexican town of TecalitlƔn, the group is by far the most influential Mariachi Band in music history.

Their music has been featured in more than 200 films, and at times, members have even shared the Mexican cinema screen.

And even if you’ve never listened to an entire Mariachi album before ā€“ you know their music. The songĀ El Jarabe TapatĆ­o, aka “The Mexican Hat Dance,” is simply a classic.

If you’re ready to hear theĀ pasiĆ³nĀ of real Mariachi music, you can get tickets before they sell out.Ā Make it a date night by going out for tacos before you head to the show.

Mariachi Vargas de TecalitlƔn

When: Friday, July 22 at 8 pm
Where: Jack Singer Concert Hall, 225 8th Avenue SE, Calgary
Tickets: From $69.20

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