Twitter reacts to Justin Bieber's newest Tim Hortons collaboration

Jun 7 2022, 5:16 pm

Tim Hortons and Justin Bieber are back with a new collaboration that just launched.

Familiar Timbiebs flavours have made a comeback, including chocolate white fudge, sour cream chocolate chip, and birthday cake waffle.

There’s also limited amounts of merchandise like beanies, fanny packs, and tote bags up for grabs.

Biebs Brew, a creamy French Vanilla cold drink, is brand new, along with a new tumbler to to go with it.

So, is this new drop worth the hype?

Twitter users definitely have their opinions just a day after the initial June 6 launch. Even Drake got in on the excitement by posting an Instagram story with a ridiculously sized box of the Justin Bieber Timbits.

These are some of the best tweets, comments, and replies on Twitter after people finally got their hands on the highly anticipated goods.

It definitely seems like most of the comments about the Biebs Brew is that it looks nothing like it’s supposed to be based on the pictures.

It seems like even a Tim Hortons employee wasn’t super hyped on the new Biebs Brew drink.

So i work at tim hortons and im not looking forward to my next shift where the #BiebsBrew is going to be sold,” said the Twitter user. “It is most likely going to be tasting like an aspartam-like aftertaste and just bitter.”

Went and got the #biebsbrew from @TimHortons I’m not a fan of the coffee itself but I had to support my babe @justinbieber,” posted another user on Twitter.

“ok but I think the #BiebsBrew is kind of gross,” posted another.

Unfortunately, the #BiebsBrew is not handed to you like it’s advertised,” posted @tylerconium on Twitter. “It looks and tastes like a milk shake. I wanted to like. I did not.”

It wasn’t all negative reactions, though.

“This biebs brew is soooo good,” said one person on Twitter.

“Second Biebs Brew of the day absolutely love it and got the tumbler,” posted another.

“was 1000% worth the wait,” posted another on Twitter.

There also seems to be a few Twitter users that weren’t even able to grab any of the new drop.

Opinions are strong on both sides, so you’ll just have to go to Tim Hortons yourself and see what you think about the new collab with Justin Bieber.

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