"We're going to add some youth": Conroy outlines plan ahead for Flames

May 23 2023, 8:01 pm

Craig Conroy wants the Calgary Flames to be a younger team entering next season.

Speaking at his introductory press conference as the Flames’ new general manager, Conroy made it clear that he believes this team needs to give some of its young talent a real shot at cracking the roster.

“It’s nothing against the older players, but when you watch the league, you see what these kids are doing… I can’t even imagine doing that. You have to bring that into your team, you have to give them a chance, you have to give them an opportunity. It might not be seamless all the time, it’s easier to play veteran players, but we need to move forward.”

While Conroy didn’t throw out any specific names, it seems as though some of this team’s young prospects such as Jakob Pelletier, Dustin Wolf, Matt Coronato, and Connor Zary will be given a real opportunity to crack the Flames’ roster out of training camp.

“There is going to be a chance,” Conroy said. “I think the guys felt like that’s all they’ve ever wanted, is to know that there are some chances. I think in years past as we’ve gotten close to training camp we’ve filled up roster spots with veteran players. I think my goal is to let these guys battle it out and fight for it and see if they can do it.”

Conroy seems to really believe that the Flames organization has some great youth pieces, even going as far as to suggest they may result in the team’s core being shifted.

“I think we’re going to change the core a little bit. Not the core pieces, but I think we’re going to add some youth in the lineup,” explained Conroy. “My big thing has been drafting, watching players, and what I’ve watched and learned is you need young players on the team. You need that excitement, you need what they bring day in and day out.”

Though Conroy didn’t get into specifics, he did bring up the fact that this team has several players heading into next season on the final year of their contracts and that decisions will need to be made in that regard. That comment, mixed with his eagerness to get youth into the lineup, could see some changes made to this team’s current roster.

What those may be remains to be seen, but it is apparent that the Flames’ new GM has a clear vision of what he believes needs to be done for this team to reach its ultimate goal.

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