"It's a rip-off": Gas prices are falling across Canada, but not in Alberta

Jul 6 2022, 6:10 pm

Gas prices across Canada have started to lower this week to the relief of motorists, however, gas prices in Alberta have yet to recede.

One expert told Daily Hive while wholesale gas prices have seen a steep drop, gas stations in Alberta simply aren’t passing those savings onto consumers.

“As of tomorrow, any gas station offering fuel for 191.9 in Calgary will be making a 41-cent-a-litre retail margin. Fifteen cents is considered generous,” said Dan McTeague, creator of GasWizard.ca.

“Gas stations are not passing on the steep drops seen in wholesale gas prices.”

According to McTeague, prices are set to drop across Ontario and Quebec on Thursday, July 7, resulting in gas being cheaper in spots like Toronto, Ottawa, and Windsor than in Calgary or Edmonton.

“It’s a rip-off and shows someone has extraordinary market power to keep those prices elevated across western Canada. This is not how markets work and it shows someone is wielding significant market power,” McTeague said.

“The mere fact media is raising questions is probably enough to get these folks dropping prices.”

Earlier this year Alberta slashed its gas tax at the pump, reducing the price of gas by 13 cents per litre, which is set to remain in effect until early September.

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