4 MASSIVE foot-long hot dogs to try at McMahon Stadium (VIDEO)

Jun 27 2022, 7:32 pm

McMahon Stadium has some pretty incredible things to eat this year.

From pulled pork parfaits to fried chicken sandwiches, the food for Calgary Stampeders games might be the best part of checking out a football game.

You can’t go wrong, but we think the foot-long hot dogs are the must-try dishes. Not only are they massive, but they come fully loaded with tasty and unique toppings.

Dished was able to catch the game and get our hands on some of the hot dogs that already have us craving the next home game.

These are the foot-long hot dogs you can order at McMahon Stadium.

Stamps Dog

McMahon Stadium

Dished/Daily Hive

If you were only looking for one foot of a hot dog, make this the one you get.

Loaded with caramelized onions, bacon, banana peppers, and a zesty chipotle ranch, this is the signature dog that gives most iconic baseball stadium dogs a run for their money.

Maybe order this one in the first quarter. It could take a while to finish.

Footlong Dog

McMahon Stadium

Dished/Daily Hive

This one is for the purists.

This is a juice jumbo foot-long hot dog with nothing on it other than what you choose to put on. Mustard-only person? Go for it. Think ketchup only belongs on fries? Leave it off.

Jalapeno Popper Dog

McMahon Stadium

Dished/Daily Hive

One of the tastiest and most unique hot dogs available at McMahon Stadium this year.

This one is exactly what it sounds like in the best way possible. Topped with jalapeno cream cheese, bacon, and crispy jalapeƱos, this is a mash-up of two of our favourite foods. It might be a little messy, but all the best food is, especially when sitting in the stands.

Bring napkins!

Pulled Pork Dog

Calling all BBQ-lovers!

This foot-long hot dog is topped with heaping portions of pulled pork smothered in a savoury BBQ sauce made in-house.

Having two kinds of pork might seem excessive, but these are foot-longs we’re talking about here. That’s the point! Plus, this one tastes delicious.


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