Flames fans loved this unselfish empty net play by Lucic

Nov 24 2021, 6:08 pm

Trevor Lewis’ dribbler from the other side of centre ice was going to make it across the goal line to close out a win against the Chicago Blackhawks on Tuesday night. 

Milan Lucic made sure the empty-netter did just that. 

As the Lewis wobbler inched its way closer and closer, Lucic — with every opportunity to tap it over the line himself — instead shielded Blackhawks backchecker Dominik Kubalik from getting a stick on it, preserving the goal for his teammate. 

“I was kind of a bit of a curler on that one, a sweeper or whatever, to make sure it was going in. I knew one of their guys was coming back,” Lucic said. “I saw it was going in, just wanted to make sure it was going in and just wanted to make sure it went in for him.”

The goal would’ve been Lucic’s second of the game and sixth in 20 games — putting him on a 25-goal pace over 82 games. Instead, it held up as Lewis’ second in Flames silks, officially as an unassisted goal.

And Flames fans were all about the gesture. 

The move wasn’t lost on coach Darryl Sutter, either. 

“Darn rights,” Sutter said. “It doesn’t bother them who scores or who doesn’t. It’s about winning. It just tells you about those guys that have won championships, too.”

As for Lewis’ reaction? 

“He told me I should have put it in,” Lucic laughed.

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