It's going to feel like -26°C in Calgary this weekend

Mar 10 2020, 9:52 pm

Just when we thought we were out, winter pulls us right back into its icy embrace.

This weekend is looking to be one of the coldest, and snowiest, we’ve seen all year, with temperatures reaching what feels like -26°C at their lowest and a whopping 18 cm of snow expected.

To put all this into perspective, we should probably begin by stating that spring officially starts on Thursday, March 19 — meaning that winter truly is getting one last laugh at the good people of Calgary.

Not that spring snowfalls aren’t a thing around here, but still.

The snowfall for this week starts as early as Wednesday, with a few flurries bringing under 1 cm of snow. Thursday follows up with 1 to 3 cm, according to The Weather Network, though it isn’t until Friday that the true fun begins.

feels like

Calgary weather this weekend (The Weather Network)

Temperatures are expected to plummet down to -13°C (though feeling closer to -21°C) and Friday will also mark the snowiest day of the week, and potentially the month, with 5 to 10 cm falling.

Saturday follows up with a deep freeze of -17°C that feels like 26°C and another 5 cm or so of snow.

Sunday and Monday both warm up slightly, at highs of -9°C and -7°C respectively, and sunny skies will give all the snow shovellers throughout Calgary a clear look at the work ahead of them following Friday and Saturday.

Here’s hoping that spring will bring some warmer weather, though we aren’t holding our breath.

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