Establishment Brewing Company's new Brave Noise beer for charity

Feb 24 2022, 11:04 pm

The Establishment Brewing Company has just released a new beer called Brave Noise, which hopes to help marginalized communities within the beer industry.

The Calgary brewery, as part of the global beer collaboration effort, is the first in the city to release this Brave Noise 4.5% pale ale.

The other Alberta brewery to take part was the Troubled Monk in Red Deer in September of 2021.

Proceeds from the sale of Brave Noise will help provide inclusive and safe environments for women, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ throughout the beer industry.

The beer is a balanced pale ale with strong notes of orange and pineapple, supported by a soft wheat flavour and dense haze.

“The Brave Noise collaboration was created to help advocate for safe spaces and inclusive environments by requesting breweries be transparent with their policies and commit to long-term work,” Natasha Peiskar, Production Manager at Establishment Brewing Company, told Dished.

“As well as bring awareness to the gender discrimination, racism, sexual assault, and harassment that women, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA2S+ individuals face in the craft beer industry,” they added.

All money made from this beer will be donated to the Hop Forward Society, a volunteer-driven initiative that works with community members and business partners in the pursuit of a diverse, inclusive, equitable, and accessible craft beer industry in Alberta.

Peiskar is a woman in the beer industry who was able to get her start with the help of incredible mentors. This has led her down a path of trying to help folks in the same way.

“I clearly saw not many folks who looked like me and made a point to mentor women whenever I could,” said Peiskar.

“Last year, when the #metoo movement came to craft beer, it laid bare in a very public way what women and other underrepresented people already knew about the industry,” she added.

Peiskar is a vocal advocate for change and progress in the beer industry, and this collaboration is another example of that.

“I decided to use my platform to become a more vocal advocate for accountability and change vs. the grassroots work of mentorship.”

Advocacy work can be rewarding, but also challenging especially through the lens of social media. I use the saying ‘Keep the fire, use it wisely’ to keep balance and energy for the long-term work of this change,” said Peiskar.

Peiskar has some great advice for beer drinkers who would love to make a difference at every brewery they go to.

“Simply following local breweries and watching what they are doing to create inclusive and safe environments for their staff and for customers.”

“Let them know that safe and inclusive environments are important to you! Because when it comes down to it, companies will listen to you,” said Peiskar.

Supporting an amazing cause like this is something we’d all like to help with, but it can be hard to find out how. Now, all you have to do is order an ice-cold beer.

Stop by and grab a Brave Noise pale ale for a great cause.

Establishment Brewing Company

Address: 4407 1st Street SE, Calgary


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