How Digger's Beard Co. is changing the men's grooming game

Jan 17 2022, 6:29 pm

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An Aussie with a beard moves to Canada: it almost sounds like the start of a joke, but it was actually the start of a business.

Dale Morrow was born in Australia and raised on his family’s farm in Byron Bay. Seven years ago, Morrow decided he needed a change of scenery and moved to Canada.

Now married to the love of his life, Morrow resides in Calgary with their feisty French Bulldog, Finnley.

Morrow says he’s been making beard products “since, well, Iā€™ve had a beard,” and in recent years, along with his wife and two of their best friends, launched Digger’s Beard Co., a company that produces high-quality, natural, and handmade beard, body, and grooming products.

Morrow started Digger’s Beard Co. in memory of his father, Ken “Digger” Morrow. He writes on the company’s website that his dad taught him “how to surf, how to fish and how to be a man,” and the company’s logo is inspired by Digger’s original cement stamp.

Digger’s Beard Co. uses unique scents that are inspired by life in both Australia and Canada. Their product lineup includes beard balms and oils in a variety of scents, along with soaps, a face and body oil, and “The Beard Bouncer,” a face mask specifically designed to keep your beard in shape while also keeping you safe and protected.

Digger's Beard Co.

The Beard Bouncer (

Beard balm and oil scents include “Bondi Beard,” “Lumberdude,” “Aussie Gentleman,” and “Digger’s Gold.” The company has released a number of seasonal scents as well, such as “One Tough Cookie” over the holidays.

Their “Hook, Line & Stinker” is a soap on a rope that uses the natural odour neutralizing properties of anise and activated charcoal to remove unpleasant scents from hands as you wash — perfect to eliminate fishy smells for the fishermen and fisherwomen in your life.

Digger’s also makes “Espressoap” and “Beard and Balls soap,” a natural and hydrating shea butter face and body soap with a side for cleaning your beard and a side for cleaning… well, you know. “Never question where your soap has been again,” reads Digger’s Beard Co.’s website, with one side of the bar stamped “Beard” and the other side stamped “Balls.”

Digger's Beard Co.

Beard and Balls and Hook, Line & Stinker soaps (

“Growing up on a farm in rural Australia only miles away from the ocean instills a deep respect for your natural surroundings,” Morrow tells Daily Hive. “At Digger’s Beard Co. we strive to use materials and ingredients that are as natural and eco-friendly as possible.”

The team behind Digger’s Beard Co. believes in sustainability and responsibility, but they also believes that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability. Beard balms and oils go for $15 each, while soaps start at $6.

Plus, lovers of local can rejoice: all of their products are 100% handmade right here in Calgary.

“We are down to earth, painfully punny and, hopefully, your new favourite beard products,” says Morrow.

Digger’s Beard Co. also has a sister company called Digger’s Dogs. “We love to create natural and fun products for all your furry friends (bearded and four-legged),” shares Morrow.

Digger’s Dogs offers a revolving door of cute and unique dog bandanas in all sizes, made for everyone from the tiniest pups or cats to the biggest doggos in town. They also produce high quality and natural Paw and Snoot Butter for dry noses and paw pads, along with Dirty Dog shampoo bars.

Morrow says that when he immigrated to Canada, he knew Calgary was the place for him.

“I have made lifelong friends, met and married the love of my life, and have been lucky enough to turn my hobby into a business with the help of my family and incredible best friends/business partners,” Morrow tells Daily Hive.

“Thanks Calgary for the love, support, and endless supply of badass beards,” he adds.

Find Digger’s Beard Co. products online and popping up at markets around the city.

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