How a Calgary-based company is elevating the ingestible beauty experience

Dec 17 2021, 7:29 pm

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Calgary-based company AURA Inner Beauty is changing the self-care game for the modern consumer.

The brand offers a line of products with nourishing benefits for the body — both inside and out — that are designed to elevate the ingestible beauty experience.

Founder and CEO Avalon Lukacs began the business just four weeks after she gave birth to twins, with the aim to support women by empowering their own inner beauty, no matter what they’re going through or what stage of life they’re in.

After spending over two years on research and development, Lukacs launched AURA in early 2019 and hasn’t turned back since.

Lukacs transitioned from her corporate career to entrepreneurship while pursuing her MBA at the University of Calgary. After starting an e-commerce business in clean beauty, she followed her true passion to help others improve their health and wellbeing, and then subsequently sold the business the day her twins were born.

Four weeks later, she incorporated AURA.

After struggling with skin issues, chronic stress, fatigue, burnout, and various changes as a result of pregnancy, Avalon wanted to create products that would redefine the way we think about beauty and its relationship to our overall health and wellness.


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AURA Inner Beauty debuted with its first product, Radiance, in 2019, and has since grown to include a selection of liquid collagen, omega drops, and restorative powders. Each is formulated using only the purest and most wholesome ingredients, ensuring authentically beautiful results.

The products are designed to simplify the health and wellness journey with pure, potent, and easy-to-take ingestible beauty products.

In particular, collagen supplements are one of the biggest advancements in beauty these days; however, Lukacs knows that consumers may require some education when it comes to collagen.

She suggests the following tips for making collagen a no-fuss addition to your morning routine.

  • Wash it down with water. “If you’re looking for a quick and easy delivery system, this is it!” says Lukacs. “Dissolving a spoonful of collagen into your water is by far the easiest way of getting your daily dose. Just pour, stir and be on your way!”
  • Blend it in your brew. “The best (and let’s face it, most important) part of your morning routine just got a whole lot better,” Lukacs continues. “Simply mix your favourite collagen supplement into your morning cup of java and off you go.”
  • Stir it into a smoothie. “However you enjoy your smoothie,” adds Lukacs, “take it to the next level by stirring collagen into the mix. Fruit-flavoured elixirs make a delicious addition to any blend.”

In addition to collagen, drops, and powders, AURA sells accessories to make starting your own inner beauty routine easier. Consumers will find adorable rose gold spoons and frothers in the brand’s collection, along with ceramic containers to store all your goodies.


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AURA Inner Beauty products can be purchased online at or through the brand’s official Canadian retail partner, Indigo.

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