Alberta premier hammered for comparing vaccine mandates to Nazi Germany

May 8 2023, 9:26 pm

The Alberta Provincial Election is just three weeks away, and Premier Danielle Smith is in hot water again over comments she made in the past.

The latest controversy comes from an episode of the IWM Big Picture Podcast that Smith did on November 10, 2021.

In the episode, she references the Netflix documentary How to Become a Tyrant, specifically the episode regarding Hitler.

“So many people say that they would not have succumbed to the charms of a tyrant, somebody telling them that they have all the answers, and he said I guarantee you would, and that’s the test here is we’ve seen it. We have 75% of the public who say not only hit me but hit me harder and keep me away from those dirty unvaccinated.”

In the same episode, she explains why she isn’t wearing a poppy on the day before Remembrance Day.

“I noticed you’re not wearing a poppy I’m not wearing a poppy because they ruined it for me this year, the political leaders standing on their soapboxes, pretending that they cared about all the things that you just talked about pretending they understand the sacrifice and not understanding that their actions are exactly the actions that our brave men and women in uniform are fighting against.”

With this clip coming to light the premier has issued an apology.

Her opposition in this month’s election, NDP Leader Rachel Notley, took to social media to voice her concerns over the statements.

“In the middle of a global health crisis, Albertans came together to protect themselves, their neighbours, their communities, and their hospitals.

They rolled up their sleeves and took part in a province-wide effort to reduce and prevent hospitalizations during the rapid spread of COVID-19. In the video made public last night, Smith compares those who got vaccinated against COVID-19 to followers of Adolf Hitler.

She also disrespects the wearing of the poppy, saying its significance was ruined by decisions made by political leaders during the pandemic. These comments are horrifying.

What we have here is a Premier who is looking at all Albertans who stepped up—who followed the science and protected themselves, their neighbours and Alberta’s most vulnerable—and she is comparing them to the architects of an anti-Semitic genocide.

This is why Albertans cannot trust Danielle Smith’s leadership. You deserve better. You deserve so much better.”

This certainly got a lot of attention on social media with many wondering if this is the end of Danielle Smith as the premier of the province.

While others don’t feel like this is going to change anything in the upcoming election and are standing by the United Conservative Party leader.

This is not the first time Smith has come under fire for comments made about how the COVID-19 pandemic was handled.

In her first media address as premier, Smith said that unvaccinated people “have been the most discriminated against group” that she’s ever witnessed in her lifetime.

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