Best covered and heated patios in Calgary

Aug 23 2022, 8:15 am

Covered and heated patios are, unfortunately, a must for people in Calgary.

We love the summer months because it means enjoying all of the city’s fantastic patios, but the warm weather has to end sometime.

Many of us take pride in fighting the cold, bundling up in our warmest winter gear and asking for a seat on the patio.

Thankfully, outdoor seating weather can be extended even longer, and much more comfortable, with restaurants and bars that have heaters, fireplaces, and/or coverings.

Here are 17 excellent covered and heated patios in Calgary to enjoy no matter what kind of weather shows up.



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Open for lunch, dinner, and into the night, Rooftop is an experience unlike any other in the city. This relatively new food and drink experience to Calgary has the bragging rights of having the largest patio in the entire city. Rooftop offers 350 seats, a forno pizza oven, an extraordinary sound system and band stage, massive LED walls and projector TVs, all under one of the world’s largest umbrellas.

Address: 414 3rd Street SW, Calgary
Phone: 403-262-0080


Last Best

Enjoying a beer on a brewery patio is a beautiful thing, even if it’s hard to do in the chillier months. It’s even harder to find one downtown, but in the heart of the beltline is Last Best Brewing. Great food and great beer can be enjoyed on their tucked-away patio that not only has heaters, but also a fireplace. 

Address: 607 11th Avenue SW, Calgary
Phone: 587-353-7387


Bottlescrew Bills

A staple Calgary bar for games, trivia nights, beer bingo, live music, and of course stampeding, Bottlescrew Bills also has one of the city’s best heated patios. Here you will find three different covered patios, two of which are open all year long. You can even bring your pup to any of them!

Address: 140 10th Avenue SW, Calgary
Phone: 403-263-7900


Comery Block


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A post shared by Comery Block Barbecue (@comeryblock)

This West Tennessee-inspired BBQ and Bourbon joint on 17th Avenue has a covered patio that can’t be missed out front. In the back, there’s another covered and intimate patio with a mix of tables and comfortable booths. Either one is the perfect place to try their meats that are smoked for 10 to 14 hours every morning.

Address: 638 17th Avenue SW, Calgary
Phone: 403-453-7636




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A post shared by Cardinale (@cardinaleyyc)

Cardinale is a small and intimate spot in Victoria Park with crafted cocktails, delicious appetizers, and some of Calgary’s most exciting pasta dishes. Their small patio in the back is a long and narrow space with intimate lighting that is ideal for date night or with a group.

Address: 401 12th Avenue SE, Calgary
Phone: 403-264-6046


Lulu Bar


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A post shared by Lulu Bar (@thelulubar)

This chef-driven bar has food and drinks created with influences that include Asia, Hawaii, California, and British Columbia. It only makes sense that they would have amazing patio seating to match the rest of the fun and light vibe. Lulu Bar on 17th Avenue has an open concept layout, with a street patio that’s covered by a roof as well as umbrellas, and a cozy side patio that is completely covered.

Address: 510 17th Avenue SW, Calgary
Phone: 403-930-5707


Vegan Street

What originally started out as a food truck, Vegan Street is now a full-service vegan restaurant in Calgary with two locations. The amazing picnic table-filled patio here is a fun time in the summer, but in the colder months, Vegan Street also has an enclosed patio with heaters. Vegan Street Beltline and Inglewood are both 100% plant-based and 100% patio fun!

Address: 1111 7th Street SW, Calgary
Phone: 403-454-3287

Address: 1413 9th Avenue SE, Calgary
Phone: 403-453-3282




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A post shared by Cannibale (@cannibale_yyc)

This incredibly popular Bridgeland cocktail bar (that doubles as a barbershop) has one of Calgary’s best secret patios. Stirred or shaken, Cannibale has one of the best cocktail menus in Calgary, and they can best be enjoyed sitting on this ambient patio that’s decorated with vines and hanging lights. There are also heaters and a fireplace, both of which are covered by an overhead cedar pergola.

Address: 813 1st Avenue NE, Calgary
Phone: 403-454-5808


The Living Room

The courtyard-style patio at The Living Room isn’t covered but is heated by large outdoor fireplaces. This means even in the colder months the contemporary interactive cuisine of The Living Room can be shared with others in this beautiful space, as long as it’s not raining or snowing. 

Address: 514 17th Avenue SW, Calgary
Phone: 403-228-9830


Rooftop Bar Simmons


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A post shared by Rooftop Bar @Simmons (@rtbsimmons)

The Simmons Building in East Village is one of Calgary’s most visually striking buildings, and that also goes for the view when up on the Rooftop Bar. On one side of this heated patio there are peaceful panoramic views of the Bow River, and on the other side is the glowing downtown skyline. Up here, diners can enjoy beers, cocktails, appetizers, and the outstanding Connie and John’s Pizza.

Address: 618 Confluence Way SE, Calgary
Phone: 403-452-3115


Ricardos Hideaway


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A post shared by Ricardos Hideaway (@ricardosyyc)

Half of the patio at Ricardo’s Hideaway is uncovered with the other half being completely covered. This creates an atmosphere that makes you feel entirely outside, perfect for sipping on the tiki cocktails and sharing the Caribbean-inspired food dishes. Hanging lights and a large outdoor fireplace in the centre of the patio certainly help warm things up a bit, too.

Address: 1530 5th Street SW, Calgary
Phone: 587-349-2585




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A post shared by National on 10th (@ntnl10)

National is known for many things, and their patios are definitely close to the top of the list for why Calgarians love each location so much. National on 10th Avenue has a rooftop patio decorated with flowers, National on 8th Avenue has a massive patio with heaters overhead, and National on 17th Avenue has overhead heaters and a firepit. Whichever one you choose, there’s a special patio experience that awaits you.

Address: Multiple locations in Calgary


Calcutta Cricket Club

The interior of Calcutta Cricket Club feels vibrant and colourful, exactly like their updated versions of small and large plate Indian food does. Their alley adjacent patio, protected by an awning above, is no different. Floral tablecloths and lush plant life add to the decor of this restaurant that reminds us of the cosmopolitan nature of Calcutta.

Address: 340 17th Avenue SW, Calgary
Phone: 403-719-1555


Ship and Anchor


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The Ship and Anchor prides themselves on accepting every type of person who enters the doors, and that includes the brave people that need that patio experience no matter the weather. Ship and Anchor is traditionally a patio that’s open all year long, and there are heaters out there that help. It’s always a fun time at The Ship, and a must-visit spot for any patio crawl down 17th Avenue.

Address: 534 17th Avenue SW, Calgary
Phone: 403-245-3333


First Street Market

The hardest decision you have to make when at the First Street Market is what to eat. A food court-style space, First Street Market is serving some of the best and familiar foods in Calgary all in one spot, all created by some of the best chefs in Calgary. An easy decision to make while here is if you should sit inside or outside. The inside is open, friendly, and colourful, but the patio outside overlooks Haultain Park and is covered with glass above and heated.

Address: 1327 1st Street SW, Calgary




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A post shared by Proof Cocktail Bar (@proofyyc)

Proof has been one of Calgary’s top-rated cocktail bars and a favourite spot for tourists and locals alike for years, and the experience is getting even better this year. They’ve always had their cozy patio on 1st Street, but this year will be the first that they will have it covered and heated for their new and regular patrons to enjoy all of their creative cocktails and curiosities.

Address: 1302 1st Street SW, Calgary
Phone: 403-246-2414


River Cafe


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A post shared by Dished Calgary (@dishedcalgary)

Sitting along the river in the scenic Prince’s Island Park in the heart of the city is a dining experience like no other in Calgary. The food focuses on meat and seafood entrees using regional and locally sourced ingredients.

The patio here isn’t open all year long, but the massive umbrellas make it possible to enjoy the smells, sounds, and sights even during the rainy season. It’s possibly even more magical this time of the year.

Prince’s Island Park is extremely quiet, even though it’s in the heart of the city and right on the edge of downtown Calgary. Next to the babbling, quiet portion of the Bow River and underneath the large trees overhead, people come and go along the path — but everyone notices River Cafe.

Address: 25 Prince’s Island Park SW, Calgary


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