12 cheapest poutines to try during YYC Poutine Week

Apr 24 2017, 8:02 pm

By Milena Petrovic

Nothing tastes better than chowing down on poutine creations for $10 or less while pumping up the Mealshare program. Here are a dozen of the cheapest poutines you can get during YYC’s Poutine Week.

1. The Big Cheese Kensington

Made with double smoked bacon, shredded cheddar cheese and caramelized onions this Perogy Poutine is crowned with two cheese-stuffed perogies and finished with sour cream and a sprinkle of green onions. Induce a carb coma for $9.99.

Address: 207 10 St NW
Instagram: @bigcheesekensington

2. Goro + Gun

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This Japanese twisted Hamamatsu Unagi Poutine is made up of crispy potato tots loaded with unagi, egg, onsen drizzled with sweet kabayaki sauce topped with cheese curds, sliced green onion and nori for $10.

Address: Scotia Centre, 7 Avenue SW #245
Instagram: @goroandgunn

3. Broken City

Forget pita bread, sub fries then add cheese curds and gravy and you’ve got the highly addictive Donair Poutine. For $10 your fries can be stacked with slow roasted donair beef, smothered in cheese curds and gravy, finished with freshly diced tomatoes, onions and donair sweet sauce.

Address: 613 11 Avenue SW
Instagram: @thebrokencity

4. Hudsons Canada’s Pub

The $6 Dessert Pouteenie is the sweet sundae of poutines. It dresses a bed of savoury French fries with cinnamon sugar and apple slices with scoops of vanilla ice cream on top finished with creamy caramel sauce.

Addresses: 3 locations; check website for details
Instagram: @hudsonspub 

5. Tenth Street Landing Gastropub

This Tenderloin Poutine is made of fries coated with rich gravy mixed with cheese curds and strips of tenderloin beef that are plated on crispy fried flatbread. Taste the fry-dom for only $9.95.

Address: 506 10 Street NW
Instagram: @tenthstreetlanding

6. Tango Bistro

This $10 posh poutine has crispy fries coated with a green peppercorn demi topped with wild mushrooms and the classic cheese curds.

Address: 6920 MacLeod Trail SW
Instagram: @tangobistro

7. Alberta King of Subs

This plate of fresh hand cut fries drenched in thick butter chicken gravy will inspire you to start a poutine-a-day diet. The Butter Chicken Poutine is $9.95 and has roasted tender chicken, Quebec cheese curds, fresh red onions, cilantro and you can choose to add some heat with jalapeños.
Address: 7196 Temple Drive NE

8. 5S17

Taking a build-your-own Japanese poutine approach, you can choose from thick or skinny cut fries that can be tossed with crunchy pork, crispy chicken skin or fried tofu. It comes with Teryaki sauce and you can choose to have your fries dripping in Japanese Bolognese, wasabi coconut aioli or togarashi 7 spice aioli.

Address: 634 17 Street SW

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9-10. Dragon’s Lair Burger

The poutine heroes at Dragon’s Lair are offering flavours as diverse as Canada for $8.50 each (regular size). Get a taste of Pad Thai sauce covered fries finished with fresh bean sprouts, cilantro and a slice of lime that won’t make you miss traditional rice noodles or gravy.

The Ukranian Poutine is made with deep fried cheese and potato perogies that are topped with Ukrainian Sausage, grilled onions, cheese curds and, to make it extra gooey, there is a cheesy poutine sauce added. It’s topped up with sour cream and green onions.

Address: Westbrook Mall, 1200 37 Street SW
Facebook: Dragon’s Lair Burger

11-12. Aida’s Bistro

Have a pack of mints ready. You’ll have to try both of the Mediterranean poutine options that are pure garlicky goodness for $8 each. Made with garlic roasted potatoes, the Tajen Poutine is covered in onion and cumin infused tahini ‘gravy’ and salty Halloum cheese. You can also order up the Beef Shawarma Poutine that is layered with marinated spiced tenderloin, Halloum cheese along with onion and tomato.

Address: 2208 4 Street SW
Facebook: Aida’s Bistro