14 places to get all-day breakfast in Calgary

Jan 19 2017, 6:19 am

It’s Breakfast Week! We’re serving up a heaping plateful of delicious stories about the most important meal of the day–and where to get it in Calgary.

All day, every day – that’s how we like our breakfast.

And there are a ton of Calgarians who like it that way too, or else there wouldn’t be a plethora of fantastic eateries serving the first meal of the day endlessly. For those of us who like to indulge in a plate of French toast at noon or an omelette mid-afternoon, we have options.

Here are 14 Calgary spots that serve all-day breakfast.

1. Belmont Diner

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Famous for their buttermilk pancakes served with real maple syrup and whipped butter (often in the form of delightful cartoon characters) The Belmont Diner is the spot to go for an old-school breakfast anytime, any day.

Address: 2008 33rd Avenue SW
Instagram: @belmontdiner

2. Blackfoot Diner

French toast with bacon

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The only spot on our list where Calgarians can get breakfast 24/7 – the Blackfoot Diner is a total gem. Blackfoot has all your basics and more, including a Breakfast Bakery with offerings like cinnamon buns, butterhorns with butter, muffins, and tarts.

Address: 1840 9th Avenue SE
Instagram: @blackfootdiner

3. Blue Star Diner

Blue Star serves brekkie until 4 pm daily, giving you ample time to try items like the Brisket & Grits, and the Triple Double – a combo of three eggs, maple pork sausage, chicken sausage, and bacon.

Address: 809 1st Avenue NE

4. Cadence Coffee

Cadence serves its breakfast menu until its kitchen closes daily at 4 pm. Diners can order Breakfast On A Bagel, or indulge in some more hearty like the Power Breakfast or Huevos Rancheros.

Address: 6407 Bowness Road NW
Instagram: @cadence_coffee

5. Dairy Lane Cafe

Any place we can order Stuffed French Toast all day long is top-notch in our books. Dairy Lane is one of those places, and diners here can also enjoy Breakfast Tostadas, a Vegan Scramble Breakfast Plate, and a variety of omelettes.

Address: 319 – 19 Street NW
Instagram: @Dairylane_yyc

6. Diner Deluxe

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Diner Deluxe offers all-day breakfast at its two locations and their menu includes items such as Maple Fried Oatmeal, Breakfast Poutine, the Deluxe Burrito, and the Meatloaf Hash. While you can always opt for the lunch menu at this spot as well, we don’t know why you would veer with dishes like this up for grabs.

Address: 2 locations in Calgary
Instagram: @diner_deluxe

7. Fine Diner Bistro

The Fine Diner has a breakfast and brunch menu will dishes like Banana Bread French Toast, Pulled Pork Hash, and the Turkey Florentine Omelette. Try any of those or take a trip down “Benny Lane” and order one of their six droolworthy benedicts.

Address: #4 1420 9th Avenue SE
Instagram: @finedinerbistro

8. Galaxie Diner

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Galaxie Diner is “home of the all day breakfast”, so you gotta know this old-school joint makes a mean morning meal. With an epic breakfast burrito and the one-price unlimited-choice omelette on their menu, Galaxie always has a crowd of people in it enjoying breakfast no matter what time it is.

Address: 1413 11th Street SW
Instagram: @galaxiediner

9. Monki

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Monki serves its epic brekkie items from it’s 8am or 9am opening to its 3pm close. This bistro has many incredible items like the French Toast stuffed with banana and franjelico cream cheese and the Monki Ground Chuck Burger.

Address: 1301 10th Avenue SW
Instagram: @monkibistro

10. OEB Breakfast Co.

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OEB breakfast is served from 6:30 am to 2 pm and it’s a can’t miss. The eggs at this spot are known for coming from organic and local purveyors, and that’s what makes their signature dishes like their BOX’D concoctions (eggs, potato, veggies, and proteins) so epic.

Address: 2 locations in Calgary
Instagram: @oeb_breakfast

11. Red’s Diner

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With locations in Mission, Ramsay, and the newly-opened Kensington spot – Red’s is a fan favourite when it comes to all-day breakfast. Try one of their four varieties of bennys or the blueberry, basil, and goat cheese-stuffed French toast. And it wouldn’t be Red’s unless you enjoyed this fare while sipping coffee from a mismatched mug.

Address: 3 locations in Calgary (Kensington opening very soon)
Instagram: @redsdiner

12. Suzette Bistro

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Suzette serves crêpes all day long, and they also have a great selection of the authentic French specialty. Suzette’s has everything from savoury to sweet, some innovative flavours you can order on the menu are jus de l’orange & flambée au Grand Marnier, caramelized apple, flambée au Calvados, and caramel beurre salé crepes.

Address: 2210 4th Street SW

13. The Bro’Kin Yolk

With a name like the Brok’Kin Yolk how could this spot not serve breakfast all day long? It’s hard to choose just one item from their menu, which is divided into Brok’Kin Breakfasts, Breakfast Classics, and Between Bread & Leaves.

Address: #130, 12580 Symon Valley Road NW
Instagram: @brokinyolk

14. The Daily

The Daily serves up all-day breakfast, well, daily. And it’s a good thing they do, because with menu items like Green Eggs & Ham, a Breakfast Burger, and Corned Beef Hash this spot is a popular destination for breakfast lovers around the clock.

Address: 1126 Kensington Road NW
Instagram: @dailyyyc

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