Calgary is one of the best cities to get a startup going: report

Oct 4 2022, 10:46 pm

While you may think of Silicon Valley when you hear the word “startup,” Canadians don’t have to venture far to find themselves in an entrepreneurial hub.

And when it comes to getting a startup started (say that 10 times fast), our very own Calgary is one of the best places on earth. According to a newly published Hello Safe report, Calgary, being fifth at a national level and 104th at a global level, is the best city in Alberta for startups in 2022.

Edmonton came in just behind Calgary, ranked sixth in the country. Meanwhile, Toronto was deemed the best Canadian city for startups in 2022, ahead of Vancouver (second). Montreal and Ottawa finished third and fourth place, respectively.

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Despite their size, Kingston, Ontario, (eighth) and Victoria, BC, (ninth) find themselves very high in this ranking, a score that the website calls “remarkable.”

On the international scale, Canada performed very highly, finishing in fourth place, just behind the United States, the United Kingdom, and Israel.

According to Hello Safe, Startup Blink’s annual ranking of the best countries and cities for startups is based on three sets of criteria: quality, quantity, and business environment. This “allows this organization to establish a top 100 of the best countries and a top 1,000 of the best cities for startups in the world.”

To view the extensive national and international rankings, visit

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