Calgary's bylaw services received 152 physical distancing calls last week

Apr 23 2020, 11:00 am

It has been a busy week for Calgary’s Bylaw Services.

The 311 service dispatched 152 service requests related to physical distancing concerns over the past week alone, according to a release from the City of Calgary.

The weather has been improving over the past week, likely causing increased usage of the city’s parks, walkways, and outdoor areas.

Bylaw officers have been proactive watching over high-use part areas, and conducted 241 patrols over the past week, engaging with over 1,800 citizens to educate them on proper physical distancing procedures.

Those who fail to abide by the new Public Health Orders could see themselves fined $1,200.

“While the City prefers to only use enforcement (ticketing) as a last resort, we expect that we will be starting to issue tickets for those who are not following the public health order by respecting physical distance requirements when they leave their homes,” the release states.

Of the 152 calls recieved by bylaw services over the past week,  69 calls were about physical distancing concerns in public areas, 36 were about concerns on private property, 21 were about playground use, and 26 were regarding public gatherings of fewer than 14 people who were not physical distancing properly.

It is also noted in the release that any public gatherings of over 15 will be handled by the Calgary Police Service instead of bylaw officers.

311 also received 182 general inquiries over the past week regarding physical distancing requirements and recommendations, the release states.