These are the 22 Calgary hills you're legally allowed to sled down

Oct 22 2020, 5:30 pm

Winter is still a few months away, but someone must have forgotten to tell Mother Nature because Calgary has already seen quite a bit of snow over the past week.

While YYC may be going through its usual freeze, snow, thaw routine at the moment, it’s only a matter of time before the white stuff is here to stay for good.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, as the snow covering actually lends opportunity for anyone looking to slip and slide down some hills.

Sledding is a lot cheaper than buying a snowboard pass (it’s actually free if you already have a sled) and the lack of a chairlift is sure to give those legs a workout.

Calgary actually has a bylaw in effect stopping would-be tobogganers from sliding down any hills that haven’t been officially given the green light, but lucky for us there are quite a few on that list.

Everyone has their own favourite sledding spot, but if you’re ever looking to expand your horizons, here are 22 hills in Calgary to slide down this winter:

Maple Ridge (dry pond) – 1127 Mapleglade Drive SE

Marlborough Community Association – 636 Marlborough Way NE

Big Marlborough Park (dry pond) – 755 Madeira Drive NE

Confederation Park – 2807 10th Street NW

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Deerfoot Athletic Park – 1503 16th Avenue NE

Glendale Park – 2225 45th Street SW

Hidden Valley – 10504 Hidden Valley Drive NW

Kingsland (dry pond, behind the Rose Kohn/Jimmie Condon Arenas) – 505 78th Avenue SW

McKenzie Towne – 160 McKenzie Towne Drive, SE

Stanley Park – 330 42nd Avenue SW

Sacramento (dry pond) – 10404 Sacramento Drive SW

Scarboro – 1737 14th Avenue SW

Signal Hill – 2063 Sirocco Drive SW

St. Andrew’s Heights – 2504 13th Avenue NW

Thorncliffe/Greenview – 5600 Centre Street NE

Monterey Park – 2707 Catalina Boulevard NE

New Brighton – 1750 New Brighton Drive SE

Prairie Winds Park – 223 Castleridge Boulevard – NE

Richmond Green – 2539 33rd Avenue SW

Royal Oak – 9100 Royal Birch Boulevard NW

Rundle (dry pond) – 4120 Rundlethorn Drive NE

Bridlewood – 26 Bridleglen Road SW

Happy sledding!

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