24 communities Calgary Police have photo radars in for August

Aug 2 2017, 6:24 am

The Calgary Police Service has released the August 2017 list of locations where photo radars will be enforced.

In a release, CPS wrote:

“In response to community needs identified through statistical analysis, collisions, and citizen concerns, mobile photo radar will be set up on Crowchild Trail, Deerfoot Trail, Barlow Trail, Stoney Trail, Macleod Trail, Sarcee Trail and Glenmore Trail. During the summer months photo radar will also be providing support in construction zones on major high speed roadways.”

Other than those main roads, here is a list of communities where the Calgary Police will focus on traffic control:

  • Acadia,
  • Altadore,
  • Auburn Bay,
  • Canyon Meadows,
  • Cranston,
  • Dalhousie,
  • Elboya,
  • Forest Heights,
  • Glamorgan,
  • Glenbrook,
  • Highwood,
  • Lakeview,
  • Marlborough,
  • Martindale,
  • Montgomery,
  • New Brighton,
  • North Glenmore Park,
  • North Haven,
  • Penbrook Meadows,
  • Rideau Park,
  • Rundle,
  • Strathcona,
  • Wildwood,
  • Windsor Park.

The extensive full list of all traffic cameras can be found online. As seen on the map below, if you’ve got a heavy foot, might be time to lighten up.

You’ve been served with this month’s warning, Calgary.

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