Calgary's Plus 15 network to open intermittently as businesses reopen

May 21 2020, 7:50 pm

With businesses reopening thanks to Stage 1 of the province’s Relaunch Strategy, downtown Calgary is starting to see more and more visitors.

During the initial shutdown of non-essential services at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the city’s network of Plus 15 walkways first operated on limited hours before closing completely.

A release from the City of Calgary noted what the future looks like for some of Calgary’s most visible walkways, stating that they remain closed for the time being.

However, some businesses within Plus 15-connected buildings have reached out to the city in hopes of seeing them reopened, according to the release.

For a Plus 15 to be reopened during the coronavirus pandemic, both buildings on either side of a walkway will need to be in agreement to reopen it to the public, meaning that it’s impossible to open the entire network all at once.

The city believes that the walkways will instead be reopened intermittently as businesses and buildings reopen.

Business owners are encouraged to contact their building owners, who will need to work with the city to reopen their parts of the network.

Information on reopened Plus 15 will be updated at the City of Calgary’s website.

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