Calgary's Lime bikes will be off city streets at the end of the month

Nov 4 2019, 10:07 am

A Calgary winter is apparently just too cold for Limes.

While the city’s electric scooters were taken off the streets at the end of OctoberLime bikes are still around as a way for Calgarians to bop around town — even in sub-zero temperatures.

However, the transportation option will only be around for another few weeks, as these too will be rounded up before the true winter hits.

A tweet from the City of Calgary explained that the scooters were going into hibernation at the end of October, and a later response clarified that the Lime bikes would be around for one extra month.

“Here’s something you may not know about shared electric scooters: they’re natural hibernators,” the tweet reads.

“Starting November 1, they’ll take a well-deserved break for winter. Keep an eye for them to return from their long winter’s nap next year when the snow and ice are gone around spring.”

Just as with the scooters, no specific date for the Lime bikes’ return has been announced, though it is likely weather dependent.

The City of Calgary launched its Bike Share Pilot in September 2018 and plans to monitor and evaluate how the shared e-bikes help or hinder the community over a two-year time frame.

The pilot will be reviewed in October 2020 with a final bike share report, and city council will then determine the next steps.

If you’re hoping to get a few rides in before the bikes are taken off the streets, we’ve put together something of a handy guide for would-be riders — just make sure to watch out for ice.