Just your luck: The Calgary Humane Society is hosting a black cat adoption event

Apr 11 2023, 6:07 pm

The Calgary Humane Society wants to let everyone know black cats are just as cute and cuddly as any other cat with its new adoption event.

According to the CHS, 55 cats are currently available, the majority of which are black cats, with 28 black cats ready to find their forever homes.

Vernon (Calgary Humane Society)

CHS’ goal with this new event is to encourage anyone looking to adopt a cat to take a closer look at black cats. They are often overlooked in all animal shelters because people are looking for more photogenic cats.

Calgary Humane Society

Buttons/Calgary Humane Society

And superstitions do play a role in this as well. There are people who perceive black cats as being associated with bad luck.

But in reality, black cats are just as loving and playful as any other cat. For example, my black cat, Bailey, is as sweet as can be, even when she jumps in the fridge while I’m looking for something.

Bailey (Peter Klein/Daily Hive)

CHS’s Associate Director of Community Engagement Anna-Lee Fitzsimmons says the CHS wants people to know black cats are just as good of companions as any other cat.

“We are excited to launch this adoption event to help bring attention to black cats who often get overlooked. We want people to realize that black cats are just as lovable and deserving of a good home as any other cat.”

Calgary Humane Society

Rosemary (Calgary Humane Society)

Throughout the black cat adoption event campaign, CHS will be offering a special adoption rate that gives anyone who adopts a black cat 15% off their adoption fees.

CHS will also be highlighting black cats on its website and social media platforms, sharing their stories, personalities, and photos.

Calgary Humane Society

Viggio (Calgary Humane Society)

Peter KleinPeter Klein

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