A new full-body virtual reality experience opens today at Calgary's science centre

Oct 21 2021, 4:41 pm

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If you want to take a trip through the sky without getting in a plane, look no further than Calgary’s science centre.

TELUS Spark Science Centre has launched a brand new virtual reality (VR) experience, allowing visitors to safely soar to new heights and take in the sights without leaving the city.

Starting Thursday, October 21, guests can take a spin on the science centre’s first-ever full-body virtual reality exhibit, Birdly. First up on the flight plan is “Jurassic Flight,” turning people into a late Jurassic pterosaur.

The VR adventure will surprise flyers by using visuals along with aural and haptic sensations, transforming them into a Kepodactylus and offering a stunning look at Earth during the Jurassic period.

As you move your “wings” (arms) to control the flight, the VR headset displays a breathtaking panorama of life from the skies, and gives visitors an all-encompassing feeling of flight.

ā€œAfter being grounded for so long due to the ongoing pandemic, Birdly empowers our community to once again spread their wings and fly high,ā€ said Mary Anne Moser, president and CEO of TELUS Spark Science Centre, in a press release.

ā€œThis is a surreal virtual experience like no other and is a perfect launch pad for Sparkā€™s guests, as they safely explore and enjoy everything else that the Calgary Science Centre has to offer.ā€

The best part? The VR experience is included with your general admission. So you can go and check out all of the science centre’s other exhibits and then turn into a flying dinosaur at no extra cost.

Guests can reserve their flight time by writing their name on a sign-up sheet at the science centre up to two hours in advance. Flyers are asked to arrive in the departure lounge 10 minutes prior to their reserved time, where they can watch the flight cam, which shows exactly what the current rider is seeing.

Virtual reality flights last three to five minutes and operate on a walk-in basis. Tickets are available online now to reserve your admission time slot at TELUS Spark Science Centre.

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