8 scenic bike paths in and around Calgary you have to check out

Apr 28 2023, 3:00 pm

Ready to get outside? Hold onto your handlebars because Calgary has got some awesome bike paths you have to check out this season!

We’ve been counting down the days until summer for quite a few weeks now, and Calgary loves to give us weather whiplash while we wait.

It looks as if spring has finally settled in. The snow has melted, the sun is shining, and this time of year is great to get back outside and start cycling.

Hold on to your handlebars because we’ve curated a list of eight of the best bike paths and trails to check out around Calgary. Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced cyclist looking to continue on your biking journey, there’s sure to be something on our list for you!

Saddle up your two-wheeled ride and hit the trail this season.

Calgary to Chestermere


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This trail is easy to find if you’re starting in downtown Calgary. There’s a bike trail east of the Calgary Zoo right by the Elbow River that you can jump onto from basically anywhere. You’ll journey beside Memorial Drive and over Deerfoot Trail toward the Max Bell Arena.

You’ll bike alongside the Western Irrigation canals outside of the city and follow the path for approximately 30 kilometres east. There are signs indicating where to go, so be on the lookout for those. The scenery will vary between cityscapes, industrial areas, and then a seemingly endless stretch of prairie countryside and wetlands. Cycle all the way to Chestermere Lake and relax on the shoreline, or cool off with a dip in the lake.

This route is nearly 80 kilometres round trip, so you may want to plan to have a driver pick you up at one end if you’re not up for a big cycling day just yet.

Elbow River Pathway from Lakeview Golf Course

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This route is one of our favourites! This is an out-and-back trail of just over 20 kilometres in length. You’ll wind your way along the Elbow River, through River Park and Stanley Park, all the way up to Inglewood. It’s really a lovely ride.

Once you reach Inglewood, why not stop at one of the local breweries or cafes? Alternatively, you can also start this route in Inglewood near Fort Calgary and head south down to the Glenmore Reservoir.

Sage Hill Paved Trail Loops

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This is a great trail to head to for some peace and quiet without even having to leave the city. The loop is relatively easy and is approximately 11.7 kilometres in length. You’ll travel around the communities of Sage Hill and Nolan Hill, passing by lakes and green spaces, and you might even spot some wildlife.

This loop is best to do in the late spring or summer, as in the colder months it can be quite icy with cold winds. This area is also popular among walkers, runners, and lots of furry friends.

Auburn Bay Loop


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This trail is great for families who want to ride around the Auburn Bay community. The path is completely paved and it easily accommodates riders of all experiences. It is dog-friendly and can also be used as a walking or running trail.

It’s just under 5 kilometres in length and is best used for bicycling in the spring through fall months. If you head out in autumn, you’ll be able to ride under the beautiful trees as they change colour for the season. You’ll pass by lakes and fountains too. It makes for a relaxing family day out in the sunshine.

Chinook Rotary Nature Park to Cranston Avenue Regional Parkway

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This is a fantastic out-and-back trail if you want to see views of the Bow River, mountains, and the Chinook Rotary Nature Park. There is so much nature in this area, you’ll feel like you’ve left the city behind for the day.

This ride is about 12.5 kilometres in length, and you should budget three or four hours to complete it. Various local wildlife frequent the area, so if you bring a dog, make sure it is kept on a leash.

Glenmore Reservoir Trail


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Are you looking for an easy path that showcases Calgary’s beautiful reservoir? Glenmore Reservoir Trail is near the heart of the city and will take you over bridges, through fields and forests, all while bordering the lovely water’s edge as you loop around the reservoir.

The route is approximately 15 kilometres long and is paved the whole way. This is a popular day-use area, so watch out for runners and walkers.

Edworthy Park to Baker Park via Bow River Pathway


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Check out this route for excellent views of the mountains. It will make you feel as though you’ve left the city when really you’re just in little old Bowness. It is an easy trail that’s perfect for road bikes. You’ll cross a few bridges while sticking right alongside the bright blue river.

This loop trail starting in Edworthy Park is just under 23 kilometres long and is fairly popular. The path is primarily paved, but there are a few bumpy spots, so hold onto your handlebars! You’ll start to loop back once you hit Baker Park, but you can also take an alternate way home by going down the neighbourhood streets instead.

Nose Creek Pathway


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If you’re checking out this route, prepare for quite the ride. It’s nearly 28 kilometres long and you’ll gain almost 600 metres in elevation as you head along Nose Creek. You can either begin in the north by Country Hills or start in Riverside, opposite the Calgary Zoo.

The out-and-back trail is fairly flat with a few bumps and cracks along the way. You’ll pass through the very pretty area of Fox Hollow Golf Club, up to Laycock Path, and onwards to Nose Creek Park, before finishing at Country Hills Golf Club. It’s quite the trek, so be prepared, but the scenery as you pass through the golfing greens makes it all worth it.

While you’re out enjoying the bike paths around Calgary this season, please remember to wear your helmet, follow all safety signs, and look out for fellow riders, pedestrians, and animals.

Happy riding, YYC!

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