Banff National Park campground reopens following wolf attack

Aug 13 2019, 8:40 pm

Banff National Park’s Rampart Creek Campground has reopened three days after a closure caused by a wolf attack.

The wolf attacked a tent in the campground at around 1 am on Friday, August 9, injuring a camper’s hand and arm and prompting the closure of the area.

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An August 12 release from Parks Canada stated that “Parks Canada is confident that the campground is safe to open,” noting that DNA results have confirmed that the wolf that was destroyed by Parks Canada shortly after the incident was the same wolf that attacked the camper.

“Public safety remains our top priority and Parks Canada takes the protection of wildlife very seriously,” the release states.

“In rare incidences such as these, the destruction of an individual animal is required to ensure public safety.”


Rampart Creek Campground location (Google Maps)

Veterinary tests concluded that the wolf had been near the end of its life and in poor condition when the incident occurred, which may have contributed to its unusual behaviour in attacking a tent.

While this is being described as a “very rare incident,” campers are still being encouraged to practice safe camping practices by keeping their food and garbage secure and reporting wildlife to Banff Dispatch at 403-762-1473.

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