Here's how Albertans have been reacting to the sudden covering of smoke

Jun 1 2019, 4:16 am

Albertans have been voicing their frustrations about the heavy covering of smoke that has engulfed nearly all of the province.

Nearly 400,000 hectares of northern Alberta has burned/is currently burning, and with no hint of precipitation on its way to help the over 2,000 firefighters currently battling the blaze, the situation may get even worse.

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Over the past few days, the smoke from the wildfire has drifted down south, causing an air quality advisory for almost every region in Alberta.

What was supposed to be a bright, clear, sunny end of May in many parts of the province have instead become dreary and grey, with Albertans being warned to avoid spending too much time outdoors in the smokey haze.

Naturally, some Albertans have taken to Twitter while they wait for the clouds of smoke to disperse, venting their frustrations in the public forum.

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