Alberta just saw its 23rd tornado of the 2019 season

Sep 12 2019, 10:39 am

It might have been a rainy one in Calgary, but the weather north of Drumheller was even worse on Tuesday.

According to The Weather Network, a tornado was spotted — and confirmed by Environment Canada — to the northwest of the town, bringing with it winds between 90 and 130 km/hour and rating in at an EF-0 on Environment Canada’s scale.

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This marks the 23rd tornado to hit the province this year, and given that the usual average for twisters in Alberta is 15, we can say without a doubt that we’ve had an especially stormy summer.

“Isolated funnels and weak landspout-type tornadoes like these aren’t uncommon with upper-level disturbances — like the one currently over the western Prairies — in place,” the Weather Network states.

” The Northern Tornadoes Project said they will also follow up on the storm.”

Alberta actually surpassed that average by July 30 of this year, though the past few weeks have been relatively calm for severe weather within the province.

The last tornado — before Tuesday’s, that is — hit 12 km south of Sylvan Lake way back on July 31.

Here’s a full list of the 2019 twisters, according to The Weather Network:

  • April 24, seven kilometres north of Peers, EF-0
  • June 13, 15 kilometres southwest of Strathmore, EF-0
  • June 14, 15 kilometres southwest of Medicine Hat, EF-0
  • June 23, five kilometres north of Fort Macleod, EF-0
  • June 25, two kilometres south of Sexsmith, EF-0
  • June 26, five kilometres north of Millet1, EF-0
  • June 28, Newbrook, EF-0
  • June 28, 23 kilometres south of Hylo, EF-0
  • June 28, 20 kilometres east of Lac la Biche, EF-0
  • June 28, Siebert Lake, EF-1
  • June 28, six kilometres northwest of Wolf Lake, EF-1
  • June 28, 15 kilometres southwest of Smith, EF-0
  • June 28, Cold Lake, EF-0
  • June 29, 20 kilometres southwest of Grovedale, EF-0
  • July 7, 18 kilometres west of Lomond, EF-0
  • July 8, 63 kilometres northeast of Grande Cache, EF-0
  • July 14, four kilometres northeast of Crossfield, EF-0
  • July 16, nine kilometres north of Oyen, EF-0
  • July 18, 15 kilometres east of Carmangay, EF-2
  • July 24, Smoky Lake, EF-0
  • July 24, Hanmore Lake, EF-2
  • July 31, 12 kilometres southwest of Sylvan Lake, EF-0
  • September 10, near Carbon, northwest of Drumheller, EF-0

No damage was reported as a result of Tuesday’s weather event.

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