Alberta now has fewer active coronavirus cases than British Columbia

Sep 17 2020, 3:59 pm

Alberta now has fewer active cases of coronavirus than British Columbia.

While BC saw its first initial cases of the virus weeks before it had spread to Alberta, it wasn’t long after the initial outbreak that Alberta’s active case number surpassed that of their westerly neighbour.

Even when Alberta’s case numbers were at a post-peak low of just over 300 at the start of June, BC saw their own numbers drop down under 200.

BC’s current active case total sits at 1,705, its total confirmed cases at 7,663, and its death count at 220.

Alberta surpasses BC in all areas but one, given that its own total detected case count hit 16,274 on September 16, and has seen 254 COVID-related deaths, according to new numbers from the province.

However, with 1,483 current active cases, Alberta comes in at 122 fewer than BC.

A total of 14,537 cases of coronavirus have recovered in Alberta as of Thursday, and 1,169,378 tests have been completed.

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