Jagmeet Singh proposes $1,000 inflation relief payment for Canadians

Jun 27 2022, 9:02 pm

New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh is calling on the federal government to issue $1,000 inflation relief payments to Canadians struggling to afford groceries, gas, and rent.

He tweeted out the petition Monday afternoon, asking Canadians to sign and convince Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government that it’s a good idea.

“It’s getting harder and harder to afford the everyday cost of life… Families are really hurting,” he said in a video. “Workers did not cause the inflation. So they should not be the ones to bear the brunt of the solution to dealing with inflation.”

Canada is dealing with inflation levels not seen in four decades, with Statistics Canada pegging the annual inflation rate at 7.7%. Food prices rose 10.3% year-over-year in May, and shelter costs went up 7.4%.

Singh didn’t specify whether the $1,000 payment would be per individual or per household, and didn’t outline who would qualify — or whether there would be a cutoff at a certain maximum income.

The idea would have to be approved in the House of Commons before it could actually happen.

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