10 stunning lakes to visit in Alberta this summer (PHOTOS)

May 11 2019, 5:17 am

Lake days are the backbone of summer ā€” jumping into the lake for hours on end then binging on watermelon slices and sandwiches what summer was all about as a kid.

Those moments don’t have to end however as there

Check the best lakes to play, eat, and relax by this summer with our handy list.

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For your own safety, please makeĀ sure you are prepared before heading outĀ on your next adventure. Information on how to prepare for your trip and stay safe while on your hike is availableĀ fromĀ Albertaparks.caĀ andĀ AdventureSmart. Always remember to leave no trace, pack out what you pack in, stick to designated trails, and refrain from feeding wildlife. Parks Canada visitor guidelines are availableĀ hereĀ ā€” and please note that irresponsibly-taken selfies (even if they look great for the ‘gram) can be fatal.Ā 

Moraine Lake


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Moraine Lake is a glacier-fed lake nestled within the Banff National Park in the Valley of the Ten Peaks. The turquoise water is surrounded by rugged mountains and rock piles, creating an oh-so-very-Rockies backdrop.

Many trails and hikes of various difficulties surround the lake if youā€™re looking to dodge the crowd.

Lake Louise


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Lake Louise can be described no other way than iconic. The lake is so wondrous itā€™s hard to believe itā€™s real.Ā From the bright colour pallet to the sprawling, mountainous surroundings, thereā€™s no wondering why itā€™s always jam-packed with tourists.

Lake Louise is surrounded byĀ hikesĀ of all levels, so you might as well make a day of it. On top of all that, youā€™ll find the historic Chateau Lake Louise overlooking the water making for a postcard-worthy photo op.

Emerald Lake


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Located in Yoho National Park, Emerald Lake is the largest of the 61 lakes and ponds in the park. Though it is (technically) located in British Columbia, itā€™s just a 20-minute drive from Lake Louise.

On top of all the hikes and trails, the cozy and cute Emerald Lake Lodge is exactly where you need to be for a warm tea or cold beer (depending on the season).

Peyto Lake


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Peyto Lake has been referred to as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, and with its intoxicatingly blue hues and immensely beautiful viewpoint, it’s definitely a must-visit this summer.

The namesake of Bill Peyto, an early trail guide in the Banff area, Peyto LakeĀ is an extremely accessible, family-friendly hike of about 2.5 km, so it only takes between a half hour to an hour to get to.

Lake Minnewanka


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Sitting at 21 kmĀ long and 142 metres deep, Lake Minnewanka is not messing around. Banff National Park is a dreamland and is truly a sightseeing goldmine, and the lake is no exception.

During the summer months, you can enjoy picnic tables, a cooking shelter, and a cafĆ©. If youā€™re on the hunt for activities, then hiking, biking, canoeing, fishing, and more make for great go-tos.

Horseshoe Lake


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Horseshoe Lake is a gorgeous hidden gem located in Jasper National Park, providing Albertans and visitors alike the perfect spot to cool off after a quick hike.

Some of the more daring adventurersĀ may even try theirĀ handĀ bodies at cliff jumping from the lakeā€™s various take-off spots ā€” though, given the dangers ofĀ literally jumping off a cliff, weā€™d advise simply walking into the cool blue waters instead.

Quarry Lake


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Quarry Lake Park, located near Canmore, Alberta, is a swimmable body of water surrounded by grassy fields and the gorgeous Rocky Mountains.

This is the perfect place to cool off, spend the day with friends, or even tie the knot with that special someone. It’s not uncommon to see a wedding or photo shoot along the shores!

Upper and Middle Waterton Lakes


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Conveniently placed in Waterton Lakes National Park, Upper and Middle Waterton Lakes are two great spots to beat the heat this summer.

Both lakes are flanked by the mesmerizing Rocky Mountains and provide the perfect backdrop for some #SelfieGoals. Steps away from the lake is Waterton Village, a quaint, small town filled some boutique gift shops and some great hidden food gems.

Cameron Lake


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At the climax of a 16-kilometreĀ scenic highway known as the Akamina Parkway lies Cameron Lake. A stunning sub-alpine lake nestled betweenĀ the majestic mountain peaks of the Akamina Ridge, this lake is nothing short of mesmerizing.

It should be noted, however, Cameron Lake was closed to vehicles due to reconstruction following the 2017 wildfires. It is still accessible by biking or hiking, though be sure to check the Parks Canada website for the most up-to-date information on its accessibility.

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