YVR tweets about the snow in Vancouver and it's hilarious

Feb 24 2018, 2:11 am

Yes, the snow in the forecast has officially arrived in Metro Vancouver.

And while everyone has their own way of dealing with the white stuff, a series of tweets from Vancouver International Airport (YVR) this morning might just be the best thing about today’s weather.

First, the airport confirmed that snow was indeed in the forecast, with the help of another well-known winter warrior.

Then, YVR assured customers it was ready to “dive right in” to the snow-filled day.

Then, the airport channelled the age-old wisdom of Disney’s The Lion King when advising travellers on how to tackle the day.

But the forecasted snow didn’t start falling right away.

This, however, was followed by a quick weather update.

The falling flakes were also a chance for YVR to tout its snow removal operations plan – and come full circle with Mr. Plow once again making another appearance.

This time, however, YVR said they were scrapping his help, due to “questionable business practices,” and they would handle it themselves.

Well played, YVR. You’ve brought some joy to our cold, snow-filled hearts on this wintery start to the weekend. And for that, we thank you.

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