3 reasons why Yordy Reyna is the solution to the Whitecaps' problems

Jul 11 2017, 1:35 am

Yordy Reyna is the real deal and exactly the kind of player that the Whitecaps need to win MLS Cup.

Is it too early to tell? For sure.

Do we have a large enough sample size to make such a statement? Absolutely not.

Have we been hurt like this before? Sadly, yes.

Am I being hyperbolic? Most definitely.

Is it fun to get excited about a player?

You betcha.

I know what you are thinking. Remember Pedro Morales’ debut with a goal and an assist in 20 minutes of work?

What about Octavio Rivero’s run of five goals in five games to begin his career in Vancouver? In the end, neither of them proved to be the game changers we all hoped there were destined to be.

So, after just two official appearances, 53 minutes, and one goal, what makes Yordy Reyna different?

Here are three reasons Yordy Reyna is the player the Vancouver Whitecaps need:

1. He can do it all

Reyna is fast on the counter, with quick-thinking matching the velocity of his legs, the Peruvian can fit nicely in Carl Robinson’s tactical deployments that so often relies on the speed and accuracy on the players playing wide.

However, with Cristian Techera, Alphonso Davies, Christian Bolaños, Bernie Ibini, and Brek Shea as the nominal wingers, Reyna’s best position has to be in a different area of the pitch.

Since the departure in the offseason of Pedro Morales, the Whitecaps haven’t had a player able to sit centrally in between the opposing midfield and defensive lines. They’ve needed a player that is able to successfully connect with the attackers and provide them with that final service they require to convert on a regular basis.

A trequartista, if you will, is what the Whitecaps have been desperately needed in the first half of the MLS 2017 campaign. That role is destined to be filled by Reyna.

2. Happy feet

Even in the limited minutes he played back in February, Reyna made it clear that he is a skilled player. His ability to control, turn, and start his attacking run in one flowy movement is mesmerizing.

Reyna’s fancy footwork and creativity with the ball at his feet allows him to create dangerous plays out of nothing, get himself out of trouble, and open space for himself and his teammates.

Not to mention that based on his performance last week, he has proven he can finish his chances more than adequately.

3. Mid-season impact

The Peruvian arrived to Vancouver prior to the beginning of the season, but after just a handful of minutes of pre-season action, the man nicknamed “Magic” suffered an injury that sidelined him until last week.

So, Reyna can effectively be seen as a mid-season reinforcement to Carl Robinson’s troops (who have lacked that little bit of magic to maintain a consistent run of positive form).

We all know what an impact an addition halfway through the season can have on a struggling team. Last year Nicolas Lodeiro took the Seattle Sounders from the dumpster to MLS glory in less than six months. Now, just imagine what an impact it could have on a team that has obtained ok results thus far.

BONUS: The hair

Images: Whitecaps FC / Flickr

With Erik Hurtado, Bernie Ibini, and Fredy Montero spearheading the Whitecaps questionable style trends this year, Reyna’s SideShow Bob do brings the team’s hair game to very next level.

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