"Time to say goodbye!": This massive sculpture is leaving Yaletown

May 3 2023, 12:27 am

Love it or hate it, the massive red sculpture in Vancouver’s Yaletown neighbourhood will soon be no more.

That’s according to the non-profit organization behind it, Vancouver Biennale, which shared the news on Instagram on Tuesday that the hairless red person with their hands on their knees would be leaving its place.

Chen Wenling’s larger-than-life sculpture “The Proud Youth” piece was installed in March 2021 and was a divisive fixture along the False Creek Seawall ever since.

Lots of locals took to social media to share their takeaways from the piece, and it wasn’t all positive. 

However, all the debate might have been in its favour as the group says the sculpture was one of the most visited in the open-air exhibition.

The piece will be taken apart starting Wednesday, with only the memory remaining in its place at the south end of Drake Street after May 6.


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A post shared by Vancouver Biennale (@van_biennale)

“In the next couple of days, we invite everyone to visit ‘The Proud Youth’ to see the figure’s cheeky expression (and arresting pose!) and enjoy the fiery, fearless attitude one final time. Please tag us (#VanBiennale) so that we see your photos and videos!” the post reads in part.

Are you sad to see this sculpture go?

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