This newsletter wants to give you a self-care package for signing up (CONTEST)

Oct 15 2019, 9:10 pm

It’s easier than ever to join mailing lists for furniture brands, flight networks, and hotel sites. But how often do you read beyond the email subject line?

If you’re shrugging right now, it’s time to make way for quality content that you’ll actually want to see popping up in your notifications. You know, the kind of reading that’s inspiring and educational at the same time.

This is exactly what you get with Yaas Weekly. The newsletter is dedicated to helping millennial women be the best version of themselves and maintain their overall health. To do this effectively, they create content on the latest tips for staying healthy (physically and mentally), and tips on how to live a balanced life. It’s basically a useful resource you can access on the regular.

To celebrate new sign-ups, Yaas Weekly has partnered with 14 local Canadian health and wellness brands to give away products with a focus on self-care. They’re ending the giveaway series with prize packages including vegan t-shirts from Tantamount Apparel, a range of teas from Amoda to help warm you up this autumn, liquid energy from Ergogenics, and much more.

Simply enter the contest below for your chance to win and get ready to start your self-care routine — four winners will be selected, so you have plenty of opportunities!


Prairie Naturals (valued over $300)


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Cognitive wellness gift pack:

  • Prairie Naturals Neuro-Force
  • Prairie Naturals Vinpocetine
  • Prairie Naturals ZipFuel
  • Prairie Naturals Astaxanthin

Superfoods gift pack:

  • Prairie Naturals Prairie Grasses
  • Prairie Naturals Turmeric
  • Prairie Naturals Aqua Greens
  • Prairie Naturals MACA

Hair care gift pack:

  • Prairie Naturals Collagen Care Shampoo
  • Prairie Naturals Collagen Care Conditioner
  • Prairie Naturals Coco B Coconut Oil
  • Prairie Naturals Hair Force

Amoda Tea (valued over $100)

  • Amoda Tea Brainiac Chai
  • Amoda Tea Pumpkin Spice Turmeric
  • Amoda Tea Golden Hour
  • Amoda Tea Matcha Activate
  • Amoda Tea Matcha Bliss

Ergogenics (valued over $100)


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  • Ergogenics Liquid Adrenaline Energy – Berry (450g)
  • Ergogenics Plant Protein +Greens – Chocolate (840g)
  • Ergogenics Organic Whole Greens – Powder (420g)

Tantamount Apparels (valued over $50)

Try Some Compassion t-shirt/Tantamount Apparels

  • Tantamount Apparels “Try Some Compassion” t-shirt
  • Tantamount Apparels “Protect Our Wildlife and Future” t-shirt

How to enter

To enter to win one of the four prize bundles, do the following:

  • Subscribe to Yaas Weekly’s newsletter:

Contest entries will be accepted from time and date of publishing until 11:59 pm PST on Oct 14, 2019. Four winners will be chosen at random and contacted through the platform used to enter.

Contest is being run in accordance with Yaas Weekly’s rules and regulations.

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