How the world is reacting to the great Facebook outage of 2021

Oct 4 2021, 5:53 pm

In case you missed it, Facebook and all the services that fall under it, like Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp, are experiencing a massive outage.

That means no Insta selfies, no Facebook status updates, and no awkward family group chats through WhatsApp. Although, that last one might be a good thing.

Twitter is still alive and well as of Monday afternoon, and people have stormed it with hilarious tweets in relation to the great Facebook outage of October 2021.

Facebook itself posted an update using Twitter since they can’t do it on their own service.

Of course, people responded to Facebook in a variety of hilarious ways.

It is likely that traffic on Twitter has increased due to this outage.

Some are suggesting the outage has to do with an interview that aired on Sunday night on the program 60 Minutes.

Have you seen the show Squid Game, by the way? It’s really good.

The folks over at Messenger seem to think the cosmos has something to do with it.

This has likely been the most productive Monday in months.

Just imagine if Twitter went down too.

There is currently no word on when services will be restored, but you can bet that Twitter doesn’t mind one bit.

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