Woman in BC out $3K after dog breeder dies and litter of puppies stolen

May 3 2023, 11:54 pm

Two days before a woman in BC was expected to pick up her newborn puppy, the dog breeder died and the litter was stolen.

Danielle Marie Parlee who is out $3,000 after paying for the dog, has filed a lawsuit against the breeder’s sister, Kearston Michelle Burton-Weatherhead, with the goal of receiving a full refund.

According to Parlee, she said she had an agreement with the breeder that if she didn’t receive a puppy (from the litter which was later stolen), Parlee could pick a puppy from a second litter after another dog (Lily) in her care gave birth.

The BC Civil Resolution Tribunal admits the breeder was likely responsible for the breeding that resulted in this Lily’s pregnancy.

However, after the breeder died, Burton-Weatherhead took in Lily.

The dog gave birth while in Burton-Weatherhead’s care.

Burton-Weatherhead refuses to honour the alleged agreement between Parlee and the breeder. She also denies there was any agreement about the second litter of puppies.

Either way, Burton-Weatherhead said an agreement between the breeder and Parlee “was not binding on her.”

She insisted that the second set of puppies did not belong to the breeder and maintained that she owes Parlee nothing.

Burton-Weatherhead did propose that Parlee could apply her $500 deposit towards purchasing a puppy from the newborn litter of puppies. Parlee denied the offer.


In response to this dispute, tribunal member Nav Shukla said there was a lack of evidence proving Parlee had an agreement with the dog breeder.

“I find it unproven that Mrs. Parlee had any interest in any puppy other than the puppy she paid for in the first litter,” the decision reads.

Parlee’s arguments did not convince the tribunal member and her lawsuit was thrown out.

She will not be reimbursed for $3,000 by Burton-Weatherhead.

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