Hilarious Winnipeg curling 'riot' goes viral after Super Bowl (VIDEO)

Feb 5 2018, 8:35 pm

It was no surprise that the people of Philadelphia lost their damn minds on Sunday.

Police expected mayhem after the NFC championship game, nevermind the Super Bowl, lathering Crisco on telephone poles to stop people from climbing them (it didn’t work).

After a 41-33 win by the Eagles over the New England Patriots in perhaps the most entertaining Super Bowl of all-time, Philly fans got a little carried away, flooding the city’s streets.

There were some fun moments…


Some expensive moments…

Some scary moments…

Some ‘where are his parents?’ moments…

And many more embarrassing moments for the city of Philadelphia…

While the Super Bowl is a big deal in Canada, not everyone was tuned into the big game.

You know you’re in Canada when curling outnumbers the Superbowl in televisions. from canada

Curling fans reacted a bit differently to the Scotties Tournament of Hearts, which also crowned a new champion on Super Bowl Sunday.

Here’s how Winnipeg reacted to Jennifer Jones and Team Manitoba’s big win (warning, video contains explicitly Canadian material):

Guess there’s a reason they call it ‘friendly Manitoba.’

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