Seagull trapped on Vancouver balcony rescued by window washer

Apr 22 2022, 7:06 pm

It was a rough few days for a poor seagull trapped on the balcony of a Vancouver apartment, but it is now getting some tender loving care on its road to recovery.

A video that was initially shared on Reddit made the rounds and garnered nearly 10,000 views, and there was a lot of concern for the trapped seagull. The seagull had been trapped on the apartment balcony for at least three days.

Unfortunately, the owner of the apartment wasn’t around, and the concierge couldn’t access the unit, but they had told the Reddit user that they were going to contact window washers to save the bird.

It took some time, but the window washers did arrive to save the day.

The Wildlife Rescue Association of BC shared a post on Facebook, updating concerned seagull lovers on the bird’s condition and offering insight into why the bird was trapped.

“The window washer came immediately, rappelled to the balcony with the gull box in hand, and successfully contained the gull! The gull was then pulled up in the box to safety and brought into our care!”

The gull couldn’t take off from the balcony because seagulls need space to do so. Unfortunately, the small balcony didn’t provide the bird with enough space. You may notice this if you’re ever around a seagull. It takes a few strides and flaps to finally get into the air.

Unfortunately, there’s no video of the dramatic-sounding rescue, but this is the original video of the stuck bird.

“The gull will spend a couple days in care getting some rest and proper nutrition before returning to their home in nature.”

The Wildlife Rescue Association of BC is thanking all concerned Vancouverites for caring about the animal.

“We couldn’t do this important work without you!”

Thankfully, this bird will be flying again in no time.

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