You can travel from Vancouver to Whistler (and back) for just $35

Jan 2 2020, 5:06 pm

Year after year, there’s one epic BC destination that Vancouverites want to visit.

Pristine ski conditions at one of the world’s top resorts, a vibrant village atmosphere, and après like nowhere else in Canada; Whistler is in a league of its own. If we could, we would spend every weekend here for the entire ski season.

The only problem? It can cost a lot to get there and back if you’re driving. Think of high gas prices, being stuck in traffic on the snowy Sea to Sky Highway, then arriving in Whistler to realize that the parking lot is full. Plus, with fines in effect for driving without snow tires, it can require even more of an investment to get to the mountain. Not fun.

This year, travellers can save themselves the inconvenience and take the BC Connector to Whistler for a day trip (or longer) — your wallet will thank you when you do.

Skiing Whistler/Shutterstock

Filling up your tank for the drive to Whistler could easily cost you over $50. However, taking the BC Connector costs just $25 one-way or $35 for a round-trip.

This is not to mention the fact that it’s super convenient — the service runs from Downtown Vancouver (Burrard Skytrain Station pickup) right to Whistler Village, with stops in-between. If you feel like heading to Vancouver Island after your time on the slopes, you can easily do so; the bus has a stop in Horseshoe Bay. Last-minute winter getaway, anyone?

Another wonderful thing about leaving the car at home and taking the BC Connector is that there’s plenty of storage for your gear and luggage. Simply load your bags and skis below, hop on the bus, and proceed to nap, listen to a podcast, or get some work done if you feel like it – there’s WiFi available on board!

On the bus/BC Connector

Whether you’re visiting Whistler solo or with your family, driving along the highway in snowy conditions means there’s always a risk, especially if you’re driving a car that’s not equipped to handle the slippery roads.

That’s why it’s better to leave it to the experienced, trained-to-drive-in-all-conditions drivers with the BC Connector. Plus, being out of the driver’s seat allows you to kick back and really relax, stress-free.

Set your alarm, catch the early bus, and head straight from downtown to the Blackcomb glacier for an unforgettable day in BC’s iconic winter wonderland.

For more information and to book your tickets for the ride there, visit the BC Connector website now.

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