Wild weather: Have you ever seen a snow ghost?

Nov 27 2023, 4:00 pm

Keep your eyes peeled the next time you visit the mountains. You may get a chance to see a snow ghost or two.

So, what exactly are snow ghosts?

Well, they are trees completely encased in snow and ice, creating a towering, fluffy effect. It also creates a real-life winter wonderland.

The cover is caused by heavy accumulations of super-cooled water droplets called rime, according to The Weather Network.

Rime happens when you get freezing fog, which happens often in the mountains and can come in three basic types: soft, hard, and clear.

When snow falls on top of the rime-covered trees, you can witness the neat and somewhat spooky look of snow ghosts.

snow ghost


They can occur at ski resorts across North America, including British Columbia’s Big White Ski Resort.


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So, there you have it.

Next time you are in the mountains or at a ski resort, keep an eye out for a majestic snow ghost or two. They make for perfect photos, too.

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