Wiener Dog Racing Weekend at Hastings Racecourse 2017

Jul 13 2017, 2:52 am

See the grace, poise, and pace of some of nature’s most majestic beasts, as thoroughbred wiener dogs go nose-to-nose in a series of races at Hastings Racecourse this weekend.

Yes you read that right…Wiener racing!

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Preliminary heats and the final race of the Top Dog competition will run in-between horse races over July 15 and 16, when the quickest canines will be competing for a share of the $1,800 prize pool.

The grace, poise, and athleticism displayed by the animals will have you on the edge of your seat, taking in the majesty of well groomed race-wiener dogs in action.

The races are sponsored by Schnieders (of course), and attendees are in for a doggone good time.

Be sure to bring your fanciest hat, a bit of disposable cash, and maybe some binoculars to catch the lightning fast pups in action.

Hastings Racecourse/Facebook

Hastings Racecourse/Facebook

Wiener Dog Racing Weekend 2017

Where: Hastings Racecourse, 188 N Renfrew St, Vancouver

When: Saturday, July 15, and Sunday, July 16

Time: Wiener races will be taking place throughout the day between the regular horse races, with the first horse race starting at 1:50 pm

Entrance: Free!

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