Adopt Me: 15 great cats and kittens that need a home right meow in Metro Vancouver

Jul 9 2017, 11:32 pm

It’s kitten season and local rescues are bursting at the seams with great adoptable cats.

Whether you’re looking for a kitten, adolescent or a golden girl, here are 15 felines that are looking for a home right meow.


Just three months old, this youngster is easygoing and loves to play with her toys. She’s very social and has a great personality. It’s hoped that she could be adopted to a home that has a buddy cat, or could be adopted with her siblings Rolo or Snickers.

Tom Sawyer

This 11-month-old male is as sweet as it comes. He’s very cuddly and affectionate, and you’ll hear him purr with delight when he gets pet. Here’s what VOKRA has to say about him: “He’s playful, vocal, and creative, bypassing the catnip for a dried tomato vine or a romp with the doormat.” Tom would be okay in a house with kids.

Meet Tom Sawyer through VOKRA.


Photo courtesy Rambling Hound Photography.

This sweet boy is affectionate and loves to meet new people. At 12 years young, he’s super athletic and is an absolute joy to be around. He’s okay with kids as well. Kendrick was picked up hanging around an East Vancouver apartment building, where he regular sought affection from passersby. He is declawed and has a hyperthyroid issue, which causes his lean physique.

Available through VOKRA.


Missy, courtesy Rambling Hound Photography.

This is a kitty who loves people so much she will literally run to the door to meet you when you get home from work. She will also ‘pet’ you until you give her a few pats. This 13-year-old is super curious and loves birdwatching through the window. She’s also chatty: her soft voice is most active around playtime.

Missy is in the care of VOKRA.

Cool Whip

Personality plus! Cool Whip has a marking on her lip that makes her look like she’s constantly smiling. She’s a playful and spunky kitten that will pounce on anything that moves quickly, whether that’s a shoe lace, toy, or your hand. She will make a great addition to a family that already has a kitty. VOKRA is hoping she’ll be adopted to someone that already has a cat at home. She’s okay with kids.


This regal man loves to check out the action around him, including looking out the window. This royal gent is an affectionate companion that will keep you company. He’s okay with older children, but should be the only kitty in the house because he is FIV positive. He’s super friendly.

Meet Cornelius through VOKRA.

Queen Cookie

Looking for a dose of royalty? Look no further than spunky Cookie, a true Calico charmer. This beauty ended up at the shelter when her previous owners moved into a new home. She loves ruling the roost so would be best in an adult-only home where she’s the centre of attention.

Meet Cookie at the Delta Community Animal Shelter.

Hillary and Ida

Hillary, courtesy of Andre Baron.

Ida, courtesy Andre Brown.

These one-year-old sweeties are bonded and VOKRA would like to see them adopted together. These lovelies were picked up on the mean streets but turned into real pussycats when they were given a safe and quiet environment with lots of affection, scratching posts and copious treats.

Meet Hillary and Ida through VOKRA.


Percy, courtesy Angela McConnell

Five-year-old Percy is one talented kitty! This boy knows how to do tricks including “high five” and “kiss.” He also loves sleeping in boxes and chasing his bird toy. He has a tendency to use his mouth and clays a lot when he plays, so he’s best for a cat-experienced home with no small children. Whoever adopts Percy will be rewarded in lots of love: This kitty loves greeting his humans at the front door, and will purr like a Corvette every time he gets some love.

Meet Percy through VOKRA.

Ursula and Oscar (a package deal)

Oscar and Ursula, courtesy Laura Bartlett.

Oscar and Ursula are easygoing and quiet sweethearts that have been together since they were just babies. Ursula is so bonded to her brother that she will clean him and cuddle him, so VOKRA is hoping they can go to the same home.

Oscar loves to relax around the house, but will also give chase if there’s a fly around. Ursula is a little more cautious with new people but will come in for snuggles when she’s comfortable.

Oscar and Ursula are in the care of VOKRA.

Char and Slim Shady (must be adopted together)

Slim Shady (Vancouver Pet Photography)

Char (Vancouver Pet Photography)

Vokra would like these kittens to be adopted out together, but would also consider a forever home where there is a cat buddy. Slim Shady can be shy at first, so will need a calm home that is willing to give her the time she needs to feel safe and relaxed. Then you’ll see her shine – and be a lap kitty. Char is lovely and curious but also shy when you first meet her. She loves playtime with Slim Shady, and loves to run through cat tunnels, and anything that rolls down a hallway.


This spayed female Calico cutie was surrendered to the shelter when her owners moved and couldn’t take her along. Jillie is used to living in a quieter home. She used to live with other cats, but the shelter thinks she’d prefer being the only feline in her new home – because she’s quite vocal about her displeasure with fellow cats in the facility. This little lady loves her scratching post and will really go to town when the mood takes her.

Jillie is at the Delta Community Animal Shelter.